Arthie Moore Pty (Ltd) | Ladies & Gentlemen Unite
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Ladies & Gentlemen Unite

Nurturing Strength Through Collaborating

We are currently in an environment filled with conflicting statements, thoughts, visions, directions, laws, legislation, stereotypes, belief systems, unconscious biases and programming.


Many of the conversations are based around Gender equality and Women Empowerment for good reason.


One of the solutions to guiding the conversation in a healthy, solution focussed, positive way is to bring Like-minded, open minded and fresh thinking to the table.


Partnering is powerful…not mentoring and coaching but partnering. This entails people coming together regardless of Gender and having open conversations on how we can connect, collaborate and add Value to each other’s lives.


This a Movement. Not to disrupt, but to encourage and engage!


The intention behind this solution is to create a new wave of open minded thinkers who know that they can have significant impact in the way our lives, environment, relationships and thoughts can be adjusted to create powerful change in our personal and business world.


The key to collaboration is openness. An intentional way of thinking to lead, influence and inspire others, by openly sharing our experiences, skills, techniques and ideas with each other. This demands a strong focussed person willing to care and nurture another regardless of gender.


Listening to Evolved thinkers helps to guide us onto a very different path or way and thinking and with that in mind, it makes sense to bring together a panel of amazing speakers to share their own personal stories to entice you to join us on this journey too.


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